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About Us

INQUIMED is a medical education and information support system, developed to engage the Indian healthcare professional on the web medium. As a platform, it facilitates an environment in which healthcare professionals can ‘LEARN, SHARE, and CONNECT’ with each other and with the experts in the field. It offers instant access to extensive resources, references, medical news and medical apps in different therapy areas to assist medical practitioners by presenting unbiased, trustable, India-centric information at no cost. This revolutionary approach aims to improve healthcare output at the point of care.


As a Portal

INQUIMED is a constantly evolving storehouse of up-to-date information and medical advice. It is a fast, dynamic and interactive portal that allows doctors and allied medical professionals to expand their knowledge base as their first point of reference for medical facts, industry best practices and clinical trial updates as they happen. At the same time, the latest educational material, easily navigable patient information resources, and updated health news aids clinical practice. Registered healthcare professionals can swiftly search, browse, and download medical content and other resources of interest easily. INQUIMED aims to be a One-Stop-Click that allows the user to enhance their academic and practice skills.

As a Community

INQUIMED connects the like-minded community of caregivers so that they can share opinions on patient support, real world medical situations, and can hone and implement the latest techniques in clinical practice. Syndicate discussions and limitless knowledge sharing with renowned experts of the medical fraternity gives an unparalleled insight into the Indian healthcare industry.

Overall INQUIMED functions as an outreach program that offers an exhaustive array of practice-focused physician services with the aim to deliver excellence in clinical practice.